THIS WEEK: Join me for #CHROMA2021

Produced by the wonderful org, Black and Brown Founders.

What is #CHROMA2021?

#CHROMA2021 is an annual event produced by Black and Brown Founders, designed to help Black and brown founders build their tech or tech-enabled companies. It’s focused on business educational content, but also content focused more on the personal growth and development that starting, scaling, and running a business requires.

It starts tomorrow and runs for three days.


I was honored to be invited by BBF executive director Deldelp Medina to present as part of #CHROMA2021, and I’m presenting on one of my favorite topics: The impact of process on teamwork and culture.

What does that mean? Well, I think a lot of companies think if they expend effort to hire diverse team members that will somehow magically change their culture and "fix" everything. but we absolutely know this isn't what happens.

The way your company works day to day, your process, your policies...THAT IS your status quo and bringing in some new people isn't going to change it. It's more likely to chew them up and spit them's called churn, and it’s why so many companies, especially tech companies are making little progress.

In the talk I argue for de-siloing DEI efforts, and instead doing something I call operationalizing inclusivity.

In this era of pandemic-era economic recovery, when “The Great Resignation” is a phenomenon being analyzed (and dreaded) by businesses big and small, this talk will hopefully help you keep an eye out for the limiting and counter-productive ways that everyday company behaviors far outweigh fine words, stated core values, and even best-practice-based hiring practices.

How can you participate?

You can sign up using my link here. It’s absolutely free to watch the talks via livestream. (Mine is taking place October 15, 2021, 10:30 am PDT.)

For only $49 you can access all talks for 30 days and for a mere $99 you can access all the talks for a full year. (All registration options can be found here.)

Check out the speaker list and the schedule of talks.

Why miss it? No good reason…

Let me know if you sign up to attend. I hope to “see you there!”

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